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Tenways CGO 600

The City All-Rounder

The Ultimate Choice for Urban Commuters
Launching Now @ Indiegogo.

Born for the City

It is time to transform your city life with CGO 600.
Fly pass the congested roads.
You arrive in time. You arrive in style.

Smoothest Ride, from Fully Integrated Design

They work in harmony, because they are built just for each other.


The Tenways Experience

French Language Light Weight Speed Test
Acceleration Test Uphill Test Brake Test
Italian Language City Ride Front Light Test

Reviews from Professional Cyclists


The torque sensor and acceleration curve are among the most natural and responsive I’ve used. Slap a big-name logo on it, and it could’ve easily sold for $3,000. At under $1,500, it’s an absolute steal.


As far as no muss no fuss eBikes go, the last few weeks of riding this one has shown me that it’s a pretty great option.

With a torque sensor, quiet motor, belt drive, hydraulic brakes and a tempting price , there's a lot to like about the Tenways CGO 600.

Supply Chain


5-year frame warranty
2-year bike components warranty*

*Applies to specific components


The initial release will cover the EU 25 countries and the US.