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About Us

Tenways believes that the E-Bike world deserves a revolution.

Stepping away from the status quo of soaring prices and dull color schemes,
you deserve to own an E-Bike with an attitude.

Forget about grey minimalism:
Today is the era of free expression, color and boldness.
That is why our design team from Italy gifted every Tenways E-Bike the color swatch of your dream.

We focus on elevating what matters to our customers. Throw away heavy shifting gears,
and say hello to a 15-kg lightweight bike dream.

With the Tenways ergonomic pedal assistance, release yourself from burdens of hills and stairs.

The joy of high-quality E-Bikes should be a right, not a privilege.

With the help of Tenways’ global supply chain network, including factories in Lithuania,
Philippines and China, joy rides always come at a reasonable price.